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Founded in 2010 with the aim of standing out from the trend of prefabricated and generalised systems, we stand for a different approach: focused on individualised and personalised solutions with high performance; we pursue the digitalisation, automation, and optimisation of our customers.

We specialise in software, websites, online shops, graphic design, and SEO, as well as data protection and IT consulting.






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Software and programmes | Apps | Websites and online shops

Software and programmes

Today, no company can avoid the use of modern software. Besides standard software, industry-specific software is often used. However, such software is not always available or sufficiently tailored to the company's internal processes. The consequence is a higher expenditure of time and, thus, unnecessary costs. The solution is individual software.

We want to support companies in achieving the best results while concentrating on their actual activities We develop high-performance and user-friendly programmes and extensions based on the needs and requirements of our customers and take their experience into account. The aim of our software is to digitalise tasks, users widely and automate processes. This ensures greater efficiency.

Apps for smartphones and tablets

It is hard to imagine life without smartphones, tablets, and the apps installed in them. They help us in many everyday tasks and are always with us. This opens up new possibilities both for the use by employees within the company and for customer loyalty. These must be exploited to increase the success of the company.

We create suitable individual apps for a wide range of devices to be used by companies. We take care of all the necessary steps, from the requirements analysis and planning to publication on the respective platforms. As a result, employees always have important functions at hand and customers are always reachable.

Websites and online shops

A web presence for companies is almost obligatory nowadays. In addition, more and more companies are venturing into e-commerce with their own online shop in order to sell there as well. The advantages are obvious: increased awareness and turnover. But unfortunately, standard systems like WordPress, Typo3, xtCommerce, and Magento are often slow and insufficient for the respective requirements.

We offer our customers solutions that are specially tailored to their needs. For this, we rely on fast systems without unnecessary functions and burdens, which are individually programmed. In this way, it is also possible to efficiently integrate new and complex functions. The result is an optimal visitor experience and an increase in sales.

Corporate Design, Web Design and Print

An essential aspect of every successful company is the image in which it presents itself to customers, suppliers, and the competition. A professional and coherent concept ensures lasting recognition value and is thus an important factor for marketing. We all recognise well-known brands already by typical design elements or by pure logo outlines. Unfortunately, the importance of design is often underestimated and neglected.

We support companies in finding and creating a suitable design in a holistic approach, the corporate design. The aim is not only to achieve recognition, but to also create a gclear and intuitive overall image for brands.

Independently of the creation of a complete corporate design, we provide assistance in web design and print media. The design of complete websites and shops, as well as relaunches in a new modern design, are part of our service repertoire. This is rounded off with the layout and design of all kinds of offline advertising media, such as flyers, signs, etc., which we print and produce directly.

Consulting on ...

Digitalisation, Optimisation, and Automation | Data Protection | SEO

Digitalisation, Optimisation, and Automation

Nothing makes a company more profitable in the long run than a complete digitalisation and automation of processes. Besides the better use of working time for more important activities, a reduction of employment costs is a positive effect in the long run. Many support programmes exist with the sole aim of promoting digitalisation and automation in companies. Unfortunately, however, even today many companies are still not using their full potential to enjoy the benefits. This often happens because the necessary technical know-how is lacking within the company.

We advise companies in digitalisation in order to achieve an an optimisation and automation of existing processes together with them. The result of a comprehensive analysis in the company is the creation of a concept with the existing potential for improvement. We then support and take over implementing digitalisation and automation using existing software solutions or in-house programming. In this way, we provide the companies with the necessary technical know-how and create interfaces and solutions where no suitable solution existed before. To round things off, we conduct employee training for newly introduced software and processes. The end result is an efficient all-around solution.

Data Protection

Due to far-reaching legal regulations and the associated penalties, data protection is more important today than ever before. Nevertheless, the topic is still only treated as a secondary issue in many companies. The reason for this is often the lack of expertise in the company and the lack of profitability of an additional trained employee for this work.

We remedy these problems by acting as an external data protection officer. To do this, we analyse the processes on-site in the company and create a guideline for necessary data protection requirements. In addition, we accompany the companies permanently in order to constantly check the implementation, but also the introduction of new processes and requirements. This ensures that data protection is given importance and penalties are avoided.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

No topic is more important than marketing one's own brand and products in order to be found among countless competitors. However, marketing both online and offline often represents a permanent high cost. Here, especially on the Internet, so-called search engine optimisation (SEO) appears to be a profitable solution in the long term.. The aim is to improve the position in the free search results of Google and Co.

We help companies optimise internal and external factors to improve their positioning. A comprehensive examination of the respective website in the areas of "on-page" and "off-page" is the basis of this optimisation. Subsequently, if desired, we create a guideline with instructions for implementing possible optimisation potentials. Alternatively, we also take care of implementing these both on the website and externally and train employees in everyday tasks. This way, no advertising potential is wasted.

Production of Individual Print Products

To round off our range, we supply customised print products. An extensive range of products from advertising canvas to signs and wallpapers leaves nothing to be desired. We print all products with the individual print data of our customers and produce almost everything in any format. Comprehensive advice and help with the creation of the print data complete this service.

Perfect for resellers

We offer special services for marketing agencies, graphic studios, and distributors who regularly supply customers with print goods: When purchasing print products through us, they benefit from exclusive volume discounts and our neutral shipping. This makes it seem to the end customer that no one else is involved in the production process. In addition, we offer extensive software tools to increase and automate sales.

For more information, please visit our online shop: Buy individual print and advertising products

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Certificate: Christian Handschigl certified as data protection officer by TÜV Nord

Certified Data Protection Officer for More Security in Data Protection

Since the entry into force of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the increased fines it imposes, data protection is no longer a topic to be neglected, whether for small, medium-sized, or large companies. However, companies often lack the expertise and time to properly address data protection.

Data protection must also always be kept in mind during the planning, creation, and maintenance of software in order to avoid future problems and to use software that complies with data protection requirements from the very beginning.

Data protection is a top priority for us. Our managing director, Christian Handschigl, has undergone certification as a data protection officer at TÜV Nord. This not only ensures that abnorm media's own processes and systems are data protection compliant, but also that the software created for our customers keeps all data protection goals in mind.

We also provide data protection support to companies that do not wish to employ their own data protection officer for a variety of reasons: we offer our experience and knowledge as external data protection officers.

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Support for integrating Cookie Banners

Almost every website nowadays sets cookies. This can be done, for example, to save user settings and shopping baskets, for statistical purposes or for usage evaluations, and much more. It is not uncommon for third-party tools to be used for this purpose, which takes over individual functions on websites and sets cookies.

However, within the EU, for many cookies and for many integrated third-party tools (e.g., analysis and tracking tools), consent must first be obtained before they can be set or integrated. In recent years, the well-known cookie banners have proven their worth for obtaining consent.

Consent Manager offers a constantly updated, flexible, and comprehensive solution for generating and managing inexpensive cookie banners. We at abnorm media have relied on the cookie banners of Consent Manager since the beginning, which, in contrast to many other systems, can be integrated into almost any website.

As an extension of the Consent Manager, we help Consent Manager and contentpass customers to integrate Consent Manager into websites and online shops. As an extension of the Consent Manager, contentpass aims to increase revenue, contentpass aims to increase the revenues which are lost through unaccepted cookie banners, especially in advertising.

As an authorised partner, we help the customers of Consent Manager and contentpass with the integration into websites and online shops.

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Our Solution for Dinner Events and Restaurants:

A versatile and flexible booking system for the back office and website.

Take reservations and bookings both by phone and via an online shop seamlessly integrated into your website. Individual multi-step ordering processes, category, and hall plan bookings are no longer a problem. Manage all bookings conveniently in one place, simplify accounting and payments with automation, create settlements with contractual partners, conveniently generate guest lists and hall plans and evaluate with countless statistics.

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The solution for event organisers and event agencies:

A Central System for Planning, Managing and Publishing Events.

Manage your events in a single place and save time on regular tasks. Seamless integration into your website makes events, information, dates, and ticket sales available to your visitors, always up-to-date or on schedule. The creation and updating of completely independent websites for a professional appearance and a wider reach is another plus. An integrated billing system supports you in event accounting. The management of contacts, event locations, and their availability round off the software together with automatic tour planning. This makes time-consuming manual tour planning a thing of the past.

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The all-round solution for print office and copy shops:

An Industry-Specific ERP System with Online Shop and Helpful Tools.

Manage orders and quotations from receipt through production to collection or delivery. An optimised interface supports you efficiently in all everyday tasks. A product system specially designed for the printing industry allows the flexible creation and calculation of complex products. The integrated accounting system saves additional time. Offer your products directly online with the connected online shop. The kiosk function relieves you of further work within your online shop when taking orders. Tools such as colour analysis of documents, cropping and edge extensions of print data, etc. complete the solution. It is available as software to be installed in-house and as cloud software.

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The solution for everyone who works with reservations:

A Booking System for Services with Versatile Integration Options.

Offer your customers the possibility to reserve services directly online via your website or a smartphone app created especially for you. A very simple booking process allows reservations in seconds. Save yourself and your customers annoying phone calls to book appointments. Automatic appointment reminders and the option to cancel independently are further advantages for your customers. Besides service schedule in real-time, the administration also offers the management of payments, automatic bookkeeping, and automatic creation of invoices or receipts. Various statistics on your reservations and customers round off the software. It is available as onetime installable software and as cloud software.

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